Terms of Service

Our terms of service are pretty simple:

Content is copyrighted, so unless you really understand the concept of fair use, please be kind enough to ask for permission before using anything or at least give us a heads-up and link when you do.

All blog comments are held for approval at the whim of the moderator.  Note the moderator endured years of struggles with comments posted to a network-affiliated TV news website and related social media.  As such he lost all patience for irrelevant and profane blathering, personal attacks and generic idiocy.  Your spelling and grammar are what they are and will not be edited.

While FotoGrande.com itself does not use cookies, a third-party function that allows you share content to your social media — Social Media Feather — does. This is so advertisers can hook you up with so-called “interest-based advertising” also known as “behavioral advertising.” You won’t see advertising on FotoGrande.com, and the kind of advertising you might see as a result of perusing content here is anybody’s guess. To learn more about cookies, collection of usage information for advertisers and, if you want, to opt out of this and potentially other cookies already on your browser from other sites, visit http://www.aboutads.info/choices/ or http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices/.

The email addresses of anyone contacting FotoGrande.com will neither be shared nor lent, sold or bartered to outside marketers.  Whether a third-party government agency intercepts and files away your metadata on its way here is a separate issue.

Please direct any questions, complaints or requests for clarifications or corrections to:

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