The games we play

My role in this august enterprise is to provide moral support and watch the back of the blog administrator. ¬†From my extensive acquaintance with him, he’ll need a lot of both.

Beyond that I’m about as useful here as a screen door on a submarine.


— William Tecumsah Hatch, Adm. Asst.

Losing the Southwest Chief

The big meeting of folks trying to keep Amtrak’s Southwest Chief running through northern New Mexico and Albuquerque has come and gone with nary a peep in the state’s biggest city.

There’s a mayoral election here in three weeks, so you’d think the prospect of Albuquerque losing rail passenger service would be an issue.  Well, think again.  It’s called a nonpartisan election although that thin veneer peeled off several elections ago.  The all-business Republican incumbent is silent on the issue, perhaps in part so as not to stir up trouble for the Republican governor, and the openly Democratic challenger and a third candidate, both well behind in the polls, seem unable to recognize an issue when it’s handed to them. Continue reading